Eight training courses

Targeted and quickly mastered

Laser principle, software system, equipment knowledge and operation skills, installation and debugging, troubleshooting, maintenance knowledge, material processing technology

Knowledge Gas Station

Operation, maintenance and maintenance

Complete online classroom The website of Jiuheng Optoelectronics is rich in content, and has everything you need to know about laser quenching, laser cladding, and plastic laser welding.

Real machine practice operation

System digestion

The demonstration center of Jiuheng Optoelectronics has more than 30 sets of various laser processing equipment. Customers can practice on the equipment.

  • 01.Laser principle
  • 02.Software system
  • 03.Equipment knowledge
  • 04.Operating skills

Eight training courses

  • 05.Installation and debugging
  • 06.Troubleshooting
  • 07.Maintenance common sense
  • 08.Material processing technology